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As specialist personal and business insurance advisers our first step is to get to know you and your business, your view on risk and an accurate understanding of your actual current and projected future financial position.  The financial modelling we conduct provides us with an essential insight into your projected lifetime cash flows through to your age 100 - once you understand your projected long term financial position you will enjoy a level of financial clarity never before experienced - we can now analyse and work together to produce a tailored plan to protect your financial journey, should there be other aspects to discuss such as investment, fire and general insurance, estate planning or employee benefits then we can refer you seamlessly on to other specialist advisers ...


Our Services

Our first meeting is complimentary, in this meeting we will build out your own unique lifetime cash flows, built around in depth discussions about your career, stage in life, your business, aspirations and naturally expenses.  If you decide to engage our services following this meeting we will then produce you a letter of advice with our recommendations for the personal insurances that would best suit your needs. There is no charge for this letter of advice or any of our insurance advisory services. 

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What Is an Adviser?

An Adviser will analyse your unique situation in depth, and then make a recommendation to you of the most suitable solution for you, rather than a broker who may well present a wide range of possibilities and then let you pick based probably on price rather than suitability.

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Our Practice

We are here to provide you with guidance - to help you avoid pitfalls and continue to make good decisions - that only comes from having hit a few pitfalls ourselves of course - we specialise in personal and business risk insurances, our approach is to build a really deep understanding of your position using financial modelling and only then can we advise you on what insurances would work best for you


Enabling you to confidently make decisions is our focus.

— George Bayley - Adviser


Enabling you to Confidently make Decisions is our focus

We are focused on allowing you to make all the decisions, based upon careful analysis, presented and discussed with you in a transparent and clearly explained  manner, so that you feel comfortable with your decisions at all times.